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Groundswell Rising

A film you cannot afford to miss!

Where? Blyth Memorial Hall High Street Blyth S81 8EW

When? 7th November at 7.30pm

How much? It's free!


Groundswell Rising documents a social movement that sprung forth from a heated debate over fracking and communities being sacrificed for the extraction of another fossil fuel. It’s about people taking charge of their communities and not allowing a dangerous industry to move in and harm their ways of life and finding new, healthy energy solutions.

Rock against Frack

Frack Free Isle was set up 15 months ago to highlight the dangers of fracking and to promote clean renewable energy for the Isle of Axholme. Since then the group has managed to delay plans for a seismic survey of the Isle and taken part in numerous activities in and around the area to raise awareness and support other frack free groups. They continue to monitor planned developments to frack the Axholme area, lobbying councillors and MPs with the true facts about fracking.

In a move to increase their support base, Frack Free Isle are staging a rock concert at The Imperial Hall in Epworth on 7th October 2016. The fund-raising event will feature four of the best bands in the area with Stitched and The 5th Rock from Belton, Ferrocene from Gainsborough and 25microns from Owston Ferry. A free prize draw and special guest, the event promises to be an exciting rock-fuelled evening with an agenda. Doors open at 7.30pm. Entry is £5.00 and guests are welcome to bring their own drinks.

Is fracking coming to Wressle?

Egdon Resources UK Ltd have applied for planning permission to upgrade their exploratory well at Wressle, near Broughton, to produce oil for up to 15 years. The oil is in sandstone, very deep and hard to get out - it requires a form of fracking called "proppant squeeze" followed by "acidisation" - injection of a powerful acid to dissolve channels through the sandstone to let the oil flow out. Frack Free Isle are working with other Lincs and North Lincs groups to oppose this development.

If you would like to object to this planning application, please go to this North Lincs Council web page.

We are also running a petition asking North Lincs Council to extend the consultation period on this application so that more people can be told about it and given the opportunity to comment. Please add your name to our petition here.

There are two more public consultations in progress about this - a second planning application for boreholes to monitor groundwater under the site for possible contamination by the oil operation. For details click here.

And an application to the Environment Agency for the necessary permits. For even more details click here.

And there's more... Click here to download

Fracking "Serious Threat" to East Midlands drinking water

Here's a link to the Bassetlaw Against Fracking article about this report on the threats posed by fracking to the drinking water supplies of the East Midlands region. It makes for uncomfortable reading especially in the light of the Misson application.

For more details about the Misson application, and how you can object to it, can be found HERE.


Welcome to our website. A site dedicated to encouraging debate and greater understanding concerning the serious issue of fracking.

Just to be clear, we oppose fracking. We don't want it anywhere on the Isle of Axholme or anywhere else in the United Kingdom. What we do want to do is share information so that you can make up your own mind on this issue. Hence the link to the government's website that you'll find under Resources.This is the 21st century after all and we don't expect you to just accept what we say without reference to some sort of corroborating evidence. And yes, there's a lot of evidence out there.


Who are we?

We are a group of Isle residents. We live here, just like you, and we're concerned that fracking, and the exploration activities to determine the feasibility of fracking, could have a negative impact Front page of the Epworth Bellson our lives and those of our families.

We don't believe in just talking about this issue, we take action. We have already started our campaign and got our first piece of local news coverage. Click on this image of the Epworth Bells and see what our people had to say when interviewed on this issue.

Want to get involved?

Get in touch via our email address, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or sign up to our regular email updates via this link.



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